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About Alex Tric

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July 2021 - New York


Alex Tric finds joy in photography and digital art founded in realism. He blends digital rendering and creation with other mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, and spray paint, to add dimension, soul, and intrigue to each piece he creates. 


His artistic vision and adept execution earned him recognition as an Indigo Design Award winner in 2022, recognizing Alex for his exceptional design and uncommon artistry that leveraged new compositions and layouts. In October 2023 his self titled solo exhibit offered participants wonder and inspiration as told by Greater Long Island. Following is "Summer In Winter" a captivating exhibition offering viewers a temporary escape from the winter blues, currently on display at the Commack, New York Public Library in Long Island.

Alex's Journey

While known primarily as a visual artist, Alex’s career began in a different form of art. 


Music always had a way of focusing and energizing him. The interplay of beats, tempos, and lyrics intrigued him. This intrigue led Alex to pursue a career as a DJ, where he toured local clubs in the tri-state area, energizing crowds and taking them through a journey of sounds, atmosphere, and mood with his inventive mixes. His success was notable, and he built a remarkable following of fans. 


Alex developed a passion and knack for digital art along the way. He would create his own marketing materials, designing eye-catching fliers to promote his upcoming gigs. 


And after years on stage in the limelight, Alex realized he enjoyed being out of the spotlight, tucked away in a quiet studio creating visual art and only sharing with the world what he wanted them to see. No longer did he want to feel the pressure of constant performance, putting on a facade that didn’t always match what he was feeling inside.

Struggling with ADHD

Alex always understood and appreciated the power of art. His young life was consumed by lack of focus, frustration, and disappointment. After eventually being diagnosed with ADHD, his difficulties made more sense. 


But through it all, art was the one constant in his life that gave him confidence both before and after his diagnosis. Art was the one thing he could get lost in for hours; and reminded him that he could focus on the things he loves.


Today, Alex hopes to inspire others who may be struggling with ADHD by reminding them they are capable, too. See a list of Alex's favorite ADHD resources here: View List

Designing for brands

Alex leverages his artistic vision and talents to help build reputations and presence through digital art. His understanding of color, layouts, and function helps brands capture the world’s attention and rise above the digital noise with compelling visuals. His work includes website design, album covers, and event flyers.

No matter what type of art he is creating, Alex believes in showing others how art has the power to transform, inspire, and motivate, and nowhere is that more evident than in his work.  

December 2022 - New York

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