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Alex Tric’s ‘Summer in Winter’ art show comes to the Commack Public Library for all of April & May 2024

Learn about this exhibit and some of the artwork that comprises it below

This exhibit was originally displayed at Industry Gallery in Huntington in the winter month of February.

In the midst of winter, many individuals experience a shift in mood as the enchantment of the first snowfall fades away. Artist Alex Tric, known for his ability to elicit emotions through art, has personally encountered this phenomenon.

At the “Summer In Winter” art show, he fearlessly explores the topic of seasonal depression, shedding light on his own experiences while inviting viewers to connect on a deeper level. “I always get the winter blues around this time, and I find myself eagerly anticipating summer,” he said. “When I learned about seasonal depression, it was reassuring to have a term for what I’m experiencing. Now that I know what it is, I can be more aware of it.

“This year, I decided to plan ahead by creating summer-themed artwork as a reminder that warmth is around the corner,” he continued. “Winter is not forever, whether we’re talking about the season or a negative emotion. They’re both temporary.”

Through his artwork, Tric aims to create a safe space for dialogue, while encouraging visitors to embrace the beauty of every season, both in nature and within themselves. 

Below, you can learn more about the artwork that makes up this exhibit from the artist's point of view.

Late night pool party.jpg

"This artwork is titled "Summer Pool Party" and it was inspired by a party I hosted at my studio in Huntington last year. The photo was taken around 3am, when only a handful of people were left at the party. Since it was towards the end of summer, we hadn't planned on swimming, so none of us had bathing suits. In the picture, you can see my friend Dan using a towel that I designed based on artwork from this show." 

“This artwork originated from a photo I took during my recent trip to Europe. The Citroen car pulled into a side street off Overtoom (S106) near Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The sun was setting behind the iconic Dutch merchant houses lining the street, and the soft glow of streetlights started to illuminate the cobblestone road, casting a warm ambiance over the scene. As I walked out from Vondelpark and turned the corner, I saw this. I paused, admiring the car's vintage charm. I snapped this photo before the Citroen's accelerator purred to life, and it continued down the alleyway.”


For a limited time, this piece is available as an 18x20 print. View Print

Amsterdam Beetle.jpg
Koi1_with Flowers - 18x24.jpg

"When I was younger and felt stressed and anxious, even before I knew what stress and anxiety were, I would often go down to the basement where my mom kept her fish tank. I remember the soothing sound of the water filter pouring into the tank, and I loved watching the beautiful, vibrant fish glide back and forth. Today, I include fish in my artwork as a reminder that there is calmness in the world when I remember to seek it out."

"On a cold winter day, during a normal trip to Home Depot, I decided to purchase my very first plant: a Majestic Palm. From the moment it arrived, it brought warmth and joy to my space. I named it Palmy, because it became a cherished companion, brightening even the darkest winter days by reminding me of sunny days ahead. Its vibrant green leaves and graceful presence have sparked my creativity, filled my space with positive energy, and has become the main source of inspiration behind this exhibit."

For a limited time, this piece is available as a print in two color options. View Blue Print or View Pink Print

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