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ADHD Resources

Alex Tric is an artist whose young life was consumed by lack of focus and frustration. When he noticed art was the one thing he could get lost in for hours; he realized that he could focus on the things he loves. Here is a list of the resources that aid and help to better understand ADHD. This list is always growing, so if you have a resource that should be added, please email it to

Understanding Hypersensitivity VS Sensory Processing Disorder Resource for ADHD

Am I a highly sensitive person? [PDF]

Throughout my life I've been told "You're too sensitive" so when I saw this resource by Additude Magazine I read through it. It offers practical advice for treating hypersensitivity, and lists the differences between Sensory Processing Disorder vs Hypersensitivity.

ADHD Resources - Flow Club Logo

Flow Club | Fight Procrastination

This tool uses the concept of body doubling. Body doubling is a productivity strategy that involves having someone work with you while you complete a task. It's a fairly new concept, but I found it works just as good as adderall! I use Flow Club to get my week organized, and help me start projects that I've been putting off.

Understanding Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria RSD and ADHD

Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria [PDF]

Folks with ADHD and RSD may hold onto and repeat unkind words or actions directed towards them for months or years. It’s as if you just can’t seem to shake off a negative comment and believe at some level that you deserve it. You think you’ve fallen short and, with your exquisite sensitivity, no matter what anyone else says, you just can’t bounce back. These intense feelings, directly related to emotional dysregulation, lead to an expectation that others will pull back their support, love, or respect. RSD causes extreme emotional pain that plagues both children and adults -- even when no actual rejection has taken place. Use this RSD Toolkit to understand and cope with your RSD!

ADHD and Marriage Advice for Couples

The ADHD Effect on Marriage

This book is described perfectly by a reviewer on Amazon: [it's] like a Bible for couples in troubled relationships due to the fascinating brain condition, that is ADHD. The content, style of writing and the tools offered are excellent, professional and most of all practical & actionable.

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