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30 x 20 inches

I initially created this artwork because I felt that my October show needed more peaches. However, shortly after completing this piece, it took on a new and deeper meaning.

In the book "The Superior Man" by David Deida, I learned about the price that men pay for orgasm.

Deida explains: 

“In a subtle way, excess ejaculations will diminish your courage to take risks, professionally and spiritually. You will settle for doing enough to get by, to be comfortable, but you will find that you would rather watch TV than write your novel, meditate, or make that important phone call.”

After testing this myself, I have found it to be true. It's a somewhat amusing yet sad realization, but I have accepted it and considered it a necessary lesson for personal growth. Now, this artwork serves as a reminder of the discipline I need to maintain on a sexual level, being mindful of my orgasms and avoiding excessive indulgence.

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