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Austin Powers
  • Austin Powers


    Alex Tric finds joy in photography and digital art founded in realism. He blends digital manipulation and creation with other mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, and spray paint, to add dimension, soul, and intrigue to each piece he creates. 


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    Austin Powers [in blue] features Alex Tric's unique style and bright energetic vibes to bring your living or work space to life.


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    • Choose from 2 print sizes or get an original 20x30 made to order!
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    • 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied
    • Museum quality material


    Originals are made with acrylic paint and diamond dust (this is part of Austin's swag) and digital manipulation.


    Prints are printed on museum quality material with a matte finish 


    Note from the Alex Tric: 

    When I was younger, I always got into trouble for being unfocused. It affected my self-esteem and I was always left feeling anxious and irritable. I would often look towards comedy and movies to turn around my mood. One of my favorite movies was Austin Powers - his quick wit, vibrant shots, and charming demeanor made me smile for the entire movie. When I was finally diagnosed with ADHD all those struggles of being unfocused made sense. After my diagnosis, whenever I became frustrated I would find a lot of solace in comedy and art, which provided me with a much-needed sense of relief. They allowed me to forget my struggles, look at the bright side, and remember that I can concentrate on the things I enjoy. I hope this makes you smile as much as it makes me. 

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